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Find and resolve application problems before they become incidents

What is application monitoring?

Application monitoring is the collection, correlation, analysis, display, and reporting of application-specific and system data to diagnose and fix problems, optimize performance, and help ensure the efficient use of resources.

Be proactive

Monitor the performance, capacity, and health of Linux and Windows apps across data centers, remote offices, and the cloud.

Get deep insight

Detailed app health and performance metrics help you pinpoint the root cause of application issues.

One dashboard

Monitor multi-vendor applications, servers, databases, and storage from a single, easy-to-use, customizable web interface.

Save time

Automated discovery of applications and infrastructure, customizable monitoring templates, and pre-built alerts and reports.

Save money

Minimize downtime, forecast capacity needs, optimize resources, reduce overhead, and achieve ROI.


Optimize performance and fix vSphere and Hyper-V issues in minutes

What is virtual machine monitoring?

Virtual machine monitoring allows you to fix performance issues and optimize resources for VM performance.

Be proactive

Reduce downtime by an average of 59% with proactive alerts and recommendations.

Save time

Fix issues by an average of 65% faster with active performance alerts.

Save money

Reclaim an average of 23% of your virtual resources using VM sprawl recommendations.

Centralized management

A single dashboard to optimize and fix vSphere and Hyper-V performance issues.


Multi-vendor storage performance and capacity monitoring

What is storage performance monitoring?

Monitoring the performance of storage devices to identify performance problems and troubleshoot bottlenecks.

Unified storage resource monitoring

Simple to understand dashboard view of multiple storage devices from EMC, NetApp, IBM, and others.

Faster time to resolution

Having a detailed view into storage arrays, RAID groups, and LUNs makes it easier to identify storage performance problems quickly and fix faster.

Resource savings

Save time and money with Storage Resource Monitor’s automatic capacity forecasting feature.

Make informed decisions

Out-of-the-box reporting helps eliminate assumption-driven decisions.

End-to-End monitoring

Seamlessly integrates with other SolarWinds products to provide a comprehensive picture of IT health. The AppStack™ dashboard gives you an instant view into your infrastructure, from application to storage.


Comprehensive web and SaaS application performance monitoring

What is website monitoring?

Website monitoring software allows you to monitor the performance and user experience of your web applications. It also helps you pinpoint the potential issues that can negatively influence end-users.

Be the first to know

Expert-level website monitoring tools help you find and fix web performance issues before users are affected.

Fully scalable

Web Performance Monitor (WPM) can monitor one to hundreds of applications from multiple locations around the world.

Intuitive dashboard

Detect website performance issues based on location, transaction, and page element, and monitor website load times.

Track your website within and beyond the firewall

Monitoring probes within your firewall or in public clouds allows you to securely monitor websites without agents.

No surprise pricing model

Licensed by the number of transactions in a perpetual license, which allows you to test as often as you need.




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    Do IT Right & Quit Wasting Your Time
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    Advanced network monitoring
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