Contribute to a better patient experience

Providing access to healthcare information through dynamic and smart displays


Dynamic Announcement Display

Update patients about the services existing in your healthcare organization

Interactive Directory & wayfinding kiosk

Allows people to master directions fast, helping to combat confusion and save time wasted on late appointments

Appointment Queuing & entertainment board

Removes the anxiety that comes with not knowing how long you may be sitting there

Patient room signage & booking System

Know the diagnosis of a patient, attending doctors and medication schedules


Employee coordination

Email or message can be easily shared for Event agendas, meetings, seminars, schedule changes or else other updates.

Improved experience and care

Signage within patient rooms helps eradicate the endless boredom of most hospital environments.

Reduced waiting times

Frees up areas, as patients can wait in a ‘holding area’, a cafe or onsite restaurant up until minutes before their appointment.


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