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Download our free NTFS Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory

Fire up our free NTFS Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory and get complete visibility into the effective permissions and access rights for a specific file folder or share drive—all from a cool and easy-to-use desktop dashboard. That’s right, now you can quickly see who has permission to do what and answer the questions that drain your time and patience:

Why can’t Jim edit that Microsoft® Word® file?
Why can’t Christine in accounting access the accounting network share?
I’m looking at the Windows® permissions for a new employee in HR and it says she should be able to read the recruiting schedule file—but she can’t open the spreadsheet. Why?
The temps shouldn’t have access to a folder of company confidential documents but some angry auditors just told me that they do. Why?
Why can’t Scotty in engineering get to a file on the network share—even Windows says he should have access?
With SolarWinds Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory, in minutes you can reveal and unravel a tangled mess of file permissions: network share, folder, Active Directory, inherent, explicit, calculated, and more. You can even analyze user permissions based on group membership combined with specific permissions and view the results in a nifty hierarchical format. And did we mention that all of this goodness is free and more powerful than many other tools you have to pay for!

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