Whole Class Learning Solution

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Empower Teachers, Engage Students

Imagine a classroom where the teacher effortlessly leverages interactive, integrated technology and real-time assessment tools powered by best-in-class resources and content. Promethean’s; Whole Class Learning Solution provides an environment where teachers are empowered and students become active participants.

Promethean’s; ActivBoards integrate seamlessly with our Learner Response Systems, Interactive Tools, Software and Content. Access a wide range of time-saving resources and rich content designed to simplify planning and transform lessons from one-way monologues to immersive, engaging experiences. Integrate Learner Response Systems to enable students to become active participants, interacting with digital content in real time. Assess student understanding and personalise lessons to create the ideal learning environment to meet individual and whole class objectives.

Promethean’s; Whole Class Learning Solution transforms classrooms into productive, integrated learning environments where teachers, students and technology work together harmoniously.

Why Promethean’s Whole Class Learning Solution?

Stimulate engagement

Captivate the entire class while tailoring instruction to meet individual needs by teaching lessons in a variety of engaging contexts.

Simplify lesson planning

Access a wide range of fresh, enriched lesson plans and time-saving resources and content designed to help teachers easily create more active, inspired and engaged classrooms.

Leverage current resources

Make the most of investments by implementing a solution that is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing technology, optimising resources and increasing productivity.

Future-proof technology investments

All of Promethean’s solutions are backed by unparalleled service and support with access to a range of training options to help create productive, efficient interactive learning environments that will stand the test of time.