Teacher Effectiveness

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Empower Teachers, Impact Student Achievement

We at Promethean believe that helping teachers be more effective in their jobs is the best route to improving student achievement. It is through effective, invested educators that students are engaged. It is through effective instructional practice that tools and resources are used to their fullest potential for student achievement. It is by empowering teachers with the data, tools and skills that allow them to do their jobs efficiently and effectively that we can reach the ultimate goal of improving student achievement.

“The quality of a school system rests on the quality of its teachers.”—How the Best-Performing School Systems Come out on Top, McKinsey & Company, 2007

How Can Promethean Help?

Engage students of varied learning styles
Reach every learner with interactive classroom technology (interactive whiteboards, student response systems, interactive table and more) designed to support visual, auditory and kinesthetic instruction.

Leverage formative assessment to ensure effective lesson delivery
With Promethean’s student response systems, teachers instantly gain insight into the class’s and each learner’s grasp of the lesson so that they can confidently determine what should be covered or reviewed next.

Use data and communication tools to increase student and teacher achievement
Promethean student response systems integrate with our curriculum and assessment management platform, allowing teachers to monitor student achievement, access instructional support and collaborate with parents and fellow educators to proactively address potential student challenges.

Maximize the impact of instructional technology
Draw on Promethean’s breadth of educational experience for targeted professional development and consultancy, including training to reach optimal results in implementing Promethean’s solutions and specialized professional development for RTI, special education, ELL, literacy and math.

Simplify lesson planning and save preparation time
High-quality ready-made lesson resources allow teachers to spend more time where it counts, addressing students’ needs. Access 80,000+ free lessons shared by teachers and by Promethean Partners such as The Smithsonian and The Royal Shakespeare Company. Invest in standards-based interactive lessons created by trusted publishers. Teachers can use them just as they are, or edit them to exactly meet objectives.