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Teaching Tailored to Students’ Needs

Promethean’s Personalized Learning Solution turns teaching into a mentoring role by helping guide students on individual learning paths with differentiated learning opportunities and by offering insight and support both during formal class time and after the school day ends.

Create truly personalized learning opportunities in the classroom by accessing time-saving, customisable content on Promethean Planet that integrates seamlessly with our Learner Response Systems. Initiate spontaneous and ongoing assessment to gauge whole-class comprehension of lessons and respond to individual student challenges in real time. Utilise the Self-Paced Learning functionality of our Learner Response Systems to assign full quizzes of varying difficulty and allow students to submit answers at their own pace. With Question Levelling, identify and segment key learner groups and provide differentiated instruction simultaneously to a wide range of students, propelling the whole class forward while catering to the unique needs of individual students.

ActivProgress is a web-based curriculum and assessment management platform that integrates with our Learner Response Systems to provide real-time insight into student progress. Parents, students, teachers and administrators can access ActivProgress from anywhere, any time to securely communicate and collaborate, monitor student performance and analyse learning outcomes. With the ability to track and view student progress over time, educators can easily access and view all of the information needed to tailor instruction to meet individual student needs.

Promethean’s Personalized Learning Solution evolves the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach to teaching into a differentiated approach that adjusts content and instruction to ensure every student’s voice is heard.

Why Promethean’s Personalized Learning Solution?

Real-time assessment

Instantly assess student comprehension and tailor instruction to meet individual learning needs.

Simplify lesson planning

Access a wide range of engaging lesson plans and time-saving, customisable resources and content designed to help create truly personalised learning opportunities.

Connect with diverse learners

Promethean’s interactive and integrated products were designed to support visual, auditory and kinaesthetic instruction in individual, group and whole-class learning environments.

Encourage participation

Mix whole class question and answer sessions with individual and group presentations to transform your classroom into an interactive environment buzzing with participation.

Elevate efficiency

Provide the structure, tools and resources the whole class needs for success while providing individual guidance to students and small groups as they work to overcome challenges.

Differentiate instruction

Promethean’s Learner Response Systems integrate with our Curriculum and Assessment Management platform, ActivProgress, allowing you to instantly gauge student comprehension, access instructional support, identify student achievement trends and proactively transform academic challenges into personalised learning opportunities.

Future-proof technology investments

All of Promethean’s solutions are backed by unparalleled service and support with access to a range of training options to help create productive, efficient interactive learning environments that will stand the test of time.