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Experience Freedom and Flexibility

Promethean’s Learning Anywhere Solution recognises that education is anything but stationary. Our solution is designed to offer the freedom to easily broaden access to interactive, collaborative content and resources, meeting the needs of today’s students.

Time is a precious commodity for teachers. With access to over 50,000 resources and ready-made content on Promethean Planet, teachers have the ability to save time when planning and creating lessons. Explore Promethean Planet where over a million active educators share ideas, lesson plans and more, helping teachers work together collaboratively like never before.

Leverage Promethean Academy, a customisable Professional Development programme, designed to help educators unite their curricula and teaching styles with Promethean’s technology solutions. Promethean Academy’s wide range of Professional Development options, including face-to-face workshops, flexible online courses and community-based learning create easily accessible, convenient and high-impact training opportunities. With a focus on collaboration and in-depth comprehension, Promethean Academy courses are much like an interactive lesson-exciting, engaging, integrated and personalised.

Promethean’s Learner Response Systems integrate with our Curriculum and Assessment Management platform ActivProgress. ActivProgress enables you to streamline communication and collaboration among students, parents and teachers with a secure, web-based social learning portal. Easily access and view student data collected during the school day as well as learning projects completed outside the four walls of the classroom. Monitor student progress, access instructional support, identify student achievement trends and proactively transform academic challenges into personalised learning opportunities with ActivProgress.

Broaden your concept of the learning environment and extend educational experiences beyond the confines of the traditional classroom with Promethean’s Learning Anywhere Solution.

Why Promethean’s Learning Anywhere Solution?

Increase productivity

Extend learning opportunities outside the classroom with online assignments, resources and content students can access any time, anywhere.

Personalise instruction

Promethean’s Learner Response Systems integrate with our Curriculum and Assessment Management platform, ActivProgress, allowing you to monitor student progress and tailor instruction to meet individual needs.

Increase visibility

Communicate and collaborate easily with parents, students and teachers with a secure, web-based social learning portal.

Simplify lesson planning

Access a wide range of fresh, enriched lesson plans, time-saving resources and real-world content designed to transform lessons from one-way monologues to relevant, engaging learning experiences.

Future-proof technology investments

All of Promethean’s solutions are backed by unparalleled service and support with access to a range of training options to help create productive, efficient interactive learning environments that will stand the test of time.