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“Small Group” Project-Based Learning

A focus on collaborative learning changes the roles of students and teachers and leads to exciting opportunities for high-impact interactions and confidence-building teamwork. Promethean’s Collaborative Learning Solution was designed to facilitate transitions from teacher-led activities to student-led projects while empowering teachers to differentiate instruction and maintain control in the classroom.

Utilising the vast range of resources on Promethean Planet, teachers prepare collaborative projects in advance for different learning levels. After a quick assessment using Promethean Learner Response Systems teachers can assess the class to then divide them into smaller learning groups based on level of comprehension and learning styles.

During project-based learning, students work as teams to complete assignments, incorporating rich multimedia applications and content. Students present their work as a team and group comprehension is gauged based on assessment results. Teachers provide immediate feedback to students and utilise the remainder of class time to bridge gaps in comprehension and personalise instruction.

Why Promethean’s Collaborative Learning Solution?

Foster collaboration

Promethean’s Software, Content and Learner Response Systems are designed to encourage collaboration, empowering every student to participate and benefit from engaging learning opportunities.

Stimulate engagement

Captivate the entire class by dividing the students into small groups, making instruction and learning fun and exciting.

Increase efficiency

Provide the structure, tools and resources the whole class needs for success while providing individual guidance to students and small groups as they work to overcome challenges.

Integrate multimedia content

With Promethean’s resources and software, teachers integrate rich digital media and real-world activities into their lessons seamlessly, utilising relevant content to link new information to students’ existing knowledge.

Cultivate lifelong skill

Collaborative learning challenges students to understand and respect diverse perspectives. Through critical and creative thinking and open dialogue, students are offered opportunities to develop higher-order reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Future-proof technology investments

All of Promethean’s solutions are backed by unparalleled service and support with access to a range of training options to help create productive, efficient interactive learning environments that will stand the test of time.