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Maintain Control. Increase Productivity

The growing number of security threats created by attackers don’t discriminate their targets on the basis of size. Targets are often randomly selected – and the smallest shop needs to have the same level of strong protection that the biggest Fortune 500 company enjoys. SonicWALL offers solutions for any size organization, each one ideally suited to the unique challenges faced by each market – but each one delivering the most robust, easily managed and complete security environment available.

Solutions for the enterprise.

SonicWALL® has raised the bar for network and email security, delivering significant breakthroughs in performance, comprehensive protection, manageability and affordability through its consolidated multi-threat platform.

Solutions for small & medium business.

While the Internet offers small and medium businesses significant advantages, it also raises security concerns. SonicWALL delivers robust, affordable and easily manageable Internet security solutions to protect the network resources of branch offices and small businesses. SonicWALL’s scalable security provides secure data communications and protects online transactions with a solution that your business won’t outgrow.

Solutions for managed service providers.

Managing network security is a necessary but often overwhelming task for smaller organizations, especially with new and unexpected threats appearing every day. More than ever, trusted partners are needed to provide proactive security management and monitoring. Managed Service Provider (MSPs)s are seeing a rapidly growing market, as more businesses of all sizes look to them to provide specialized expertise and resources. SonicWALL® provides MSPs with a range of flexible and easy-to-manage security solutions capable of servicing networks of all sizes and complexities. And by using SonicWALL’s Global Management System (GMS®), MSPs can manage thousands of customer sites from a centralized location.

Solutions for business needs.

Organizations of all kinds face an array of security threats – and must react quickly with limited IT resources. To address these threats SonicWALL provides security solutions for business needs such as networking, site-to-site communications, telecommuting, POS transactions, or Secure Web sites. SonicWALL solutions are designed to meet the objectives of today’s Internet-connected business.

Solutions for verticals.

Depending on your industry, you will have different requirements for security that are driven by legislation, a unique customer base, and your production and transaction environment. Regardless of your vertical industry, SonicWALL has a solution tailored to your specific needs.