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DSI Digital Signage Solution is an innovative and state-of-the-art Digital Signage solution that will take you to the next level. The solution gives you endless possibilities that are tailored to your need that will satisfy your customers. Push your content in multiple screens without the need of extra manpower. Lower your costs by going paperless and removing the extra staff but still having the same effect on your advertisements and marketing campaigns. Security and overall control on who manages the signage by granting access on certain features of the whole solution won’t be a problem.

DSI Digital Signage Solution enables you to better understand your market. Be ahead of your competition through our solution by making it more interactive, personalized and engaging to your customers! Manage your Digital Signage at ease and see the efficiency of your marketing efforts in one portal.

We will be with you by providing digital signage solutions and modules regardless of your industry. Visualize your success. Expand your business. Bring your digital content to the real world. Let us help share YOUR VISION directly to YOUR MARKET.



Minimize the time you spend in setting up and installing your system. Our cloud-based solution makes everything easy and accessible. It's the perfect choice for business with who would rather focus the priorities of their IT staff elsewhere. Don't get bogged down by extra technology; let DSI manage it for you.


Go paperless. Efficiently shift your costs towards new and more innovative campaigns. Don't wait for your collaterals to be printed. Cascade them in real-time and directly transmit them to your stores. DSI enables you to become more aggressive with your marketing efforts. Changing your content is now hassle-free.


Manage your campaigns whenever you want, wherever you are with just a touch of a button. Apart from DSI's standard desktop portal, our mobile-friendly capability means that you don't have to be in the office to manage your campaigns. Grant access to certain users and be able to work as a team remotely. Take control of marketing. Take control of your business.


Visual marketing is the most important form of content for businesses. Your market is more likely to remember information if a relevant image/video is paired with it. Tell your story the right way. Market your unique value proposition to the right people at exactly the right time. Let DSI show you how easy it is to communicate with your market.

Features and Capabilities

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    • Central Signage Management
    • User Friendly Interface
    • Playback Synchronization
    • Unlimited Upload
    • Dynamic Content
    • Offline Operation
    • Real-time Software and Data Updates
    • API and Integrations
    • RSS and Social Media Integration
    • Facial Recognition
    • Advertising Management
      Content Scheduling
      Proof of Play
      Campaign Mapping
      Customizable Layouts
      Multi-channel Campaign
      Drag and Drop
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    • Multiple User Management
    • Access Control Lists
    • Multi-OS Portal Access
    • Interactive Capability
    • Media Player
    • Upload Service
    • Basic Reports
      Screen Status, History and Locations
      Sequence Mapping
      User Summary and Action Report
      Display Summary and Report
      Collected Data Report
      Media Upload Report
    • Audience Analytics Report
      Total Views
      Age Group
      Possible Impressions
      Actual Impressions
      Length of Inpressions
      Dwell Time
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